We aim to make the online show system as easy to use as possible, but know we can always do more. This short guide provides help for exhibitors in entering shows and understanding how entries work.

If you need more help, please see the 'Getting help' section at the end of this page.



You need to register to enter the online shows. We only use your personal details to make sure you're eligible to enter and for show administration.

Registration is not required to browse the shows, or to access results once judging is completed.

Account activation

After completing and submitting the registration form you will receive an email with an activation link. You must visit this link to verify your email address - you will not be able to enter classes without verifying your email address.

If you do not receive an activation email with 15 minutes of registration, please contact us for assistance.

Signing in

Once you have completed registration and activated your account, you can sign-in. After entering your username and password you will be taken to the shows home page.

If your email address or password are not recognised, check you have typed them correctly.

Password reset

If you've forgotten or mislaid your password, request a Password reset.

You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to set a new password for your email address. This link is only valid for one hour.

If you do not receive a password reset email with 15 minutes of your request, please contact us for assistance.

Your menu

Once you have signed in, you can access your entries, media, profile, and all other records from the main menu. This can be found at the top of every page:

Hover over or touch this icon to access links to all of your information.


You can see a list of all shows on the home page. Shows are organised into sections and classes. Each show will contain one or more section, and each section will contain one or more classes.

The show's status will be displayed alongside the show name:

  • Scheduled: not yet open for entry
  • Open: open for entries
  • Closed: the closing date for entries has passed
  • Completed: judging has been completed and the results of the show are available

Click on a show name to see all of the sections and classes in the show. Click on a class name to see details of the class. If the show is completed you will see a list of entries in the class and the class results.


Once entries close for a show, judging begins. The show's home page will show when judging is due to be completed.

As soon as results are published for a class, all exhibitors in that class are notified by email that the class results are available.

Entering classes

To enter a class, click the 'Enter' button on the class page. Please note, this button will not be visible if:

  • The show is not currently open
  • You haven't activated your account
  • You've already reached the maximum permitted number of entries for the class
  • You're a judge for the class

Entry form

The entry form may be different depending on the class requirements. All entries require:

  • Title: The title of your entry. This is only accessible to you and the stewards, and is to help you distinguish between your entries. Use a short, descriptive title, for example the name of the animal or the variety of the vegetable being shown.
  • Exhibitor name: This will default to your name, but can be used to enter on behalf of someone else, for example a child or a friend without internet access. Exhibitor name is not visible to judges, but will be visible after judging is completed.
  • Media: One or more images or videos - see the detailed Media section below.

All entries will also have an optional 'Entry notes' field. Use this to provide any additional information the judges might find useful, but do not include any information that could identify the exhibitor.

Some classes may also require:

  • The name of the breed or variety of the exhibit (for example sheep breed, or carrot variety)
  • The date of birth or age of the exhibit
  • Identification informtion for the exhibit, for example a tag or registration number for livestock

Entry Status

Your entry's status changes automatically depending on its stage in the entry process:

  • Draft
    Your entry is in draft, and you can edit it at any time until the entry closing date.
  • Pending
    Your entry has been submitted, and is waiting for a steward to review it. You can edit your entry until it is approved.
  • Approved
    Your entry has been approved by a steward and cannot be edited.
  • Rejected
    Your entry has been rejected by a steward. Review the entry and make the necessary changes before submitting it again.

Class requirements

The Requirements section on a class page specifies what exhibitors need to include in their entries. This will vary from class-to-class, and will include the number and type of media required, for example '2 photographs'.

If your entry does not meet the requirements you will not be able to submit it, but you will be able to save it as a draft.

Class restrictions

Some classes have restrictions on entry, for example the age of the exhibitor, or the number of times an exhibitor can enter.


Media refers to the photographs and videos you attach to your entry. The judges use these media items to compare entries, so the quality of your media matters!

All classes require you to attach one or more media items to your entry - the class requirements will specify exactly what is required.

You can upload images using the area on the entry form, alternatively you can add images and videos via your 'My media' list.

Submitting your entry

Once you have satisfied all of the entry requirements, you can submit your entry.

The section stewards will be notified of your entry, and will review it to check it is complete and suitable. You will receive an email once the entry has been checked and either approved or rejected.

Getting help

If you need more help, please contact us.